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During the last few years, due to its geographical and climatic position that allows playing golf almost throughout the year, Sicily has received the interest of international golfing. This is a unique opportunity for Sicily, for the development of élite international tourism.


Based on our primary experience in the sector of high irrigation, with innovative automation systems, and in the sector of lawn and complex parks and gardens, it was natural for us to focus with interest on the sector of professional golfing, through specific equipment and highly specialised staff.

After we have created golf courses with 9 and 18 holes, including the parks and gardens of related resorts, we are now called to submit our offers for requests coming also from abroad; therefore, Sicilverde is one of the main companies in this sector in southern Italy.


  • Shaping
  • Irrigation system
  • green plantation and plantation with autochthonous plants

The area where a golf course is created usually requires earth-moving activities, in order to prepare the ground, giving the field a natural orography, by respecting the site where the playground is. All operations are performed by carefully following the drawings and indications of specialised designers.

This is one of the most sensitive operations, performed by a professional shaper, who interprets the idea of the course designer with “art” and perfectly integrates it with the surrounding land and vegetation.
For this part of the activities, Sicilverde relies on the professional support of Italian, American, and British shapers of international renown

Construction of greens, tees and bunkers
This part of the work requires the support of special machines and equipment and shall be performed by specialised staff only, as the final finish can only be done by hand.

The drainage system is used to drain rain and irrigation water from the subsidence and depressions along the fairways and uncultivated areas. A well designed drainage system is indispensable to ensure the best construction of greens. Gravel and siliceous sand are the main inert materials used to create the ideal drainage. Ghiaia e sabbia silicea sono i materiali inerti maggiormente utilizzati al fine di creare il drenaggio ideale.

The faultless construction of an automatic irrigation system is the basic condition required to ensure the success of a golf course, especially considering the hot weather of Sicily in the summer and the need for rational management of water resources.

Crucial factors:
– preparation of water supply with small decoration lakes used as impoundment lakes;
– rational and automated management of water distribution;
– adaptation of irrigators, based on how windy the site is and nature of the soil.

For green plantation, Sicilverde uses advanced equipment to obtain almost perfect soil processing and arrangement and sowing of lawns down to a fine art. For planting of cover and “strategic” plants, Sicilverde always tends to use autochthonous plants, with a priority for the protection of the local flora and its reuse with appropriate transplanting.